Everyone who walks into your practice could be a potential candidate for treatment with miraDry.

miraDry is for Everyone:

Social Situations:  Avoid sweating during social events

Professionals:  Avoid sweating during meetings

Natural Lifestyle:  Avoid chemicals/parabens in antiperspirants

Wardrobe Conscious:  Tired of yellowed shirts or buying new clothes

Aesthetic Minded:  Enjoys taking care of him/herself

Young Adults:  Sweat affects his/her confidence

Solution Seeker:  Sweats more than average


Executing a consistent, compliant miraDry treatment is essential for success.  Your local miraDry Practice Development Manager (PDM) will train you on the miraDry fresh treatment protocol for a fast, efficacious, and well-tolerated treatment.

miraDry General Treatment Process

  1. Set proper patient expectations.

  2. Administer high volume anesthesia (HVA).

  3. Mark the treatment area on the patient.

  4. Treat marked area on template.

  5. Provide post-treatment care.

While 90% of patients are reported as satisfied with miraDry1, follow-up to ensure patient satisfaction.

1. RealSelf miraDry “Worth It” ratings over all time, sourced January, 16 2018.


The most successful miraDry practices are correlated with staff miraDry champions, who personally tout the benefits and provide testimonials to prospective patients.

Passion is Contagious

We highly recommend that you identify appropriate candidates within your staff for a miraDry treatment.  Demonstrating results with your staff will create strong miraDry champions and drive more patient bookings and referrals in the long run.

With staff treatments, practices can become a miraDry certified practice, a status that distinguishes your office on the miraDry practice locator.  Your local miraDry Practice Development Manager (PDM) will guide you through the certification process and assist you with developing your staff miraDry champions.


miraDry’s 2018 digital consumer campaign will be driving prospective patients to your practice requesting information and booking consultations.

miraDry PDM Front Desk Training

The front desk staff frequently has the first contact with prospective miraDry patients.  Your local miraDry Practice Development Manager (PDM) will train your front desk staff to speak confidently and enthusiastically about the benefits of the miraDry procedure.

In a 90-minute training session to establish stronger phone consultation and booking techniques, your local PDM will train your front desk staff on:

  • how to respond to phone inquiries about miraDry

  • how to schedule consultation appointments

miraDry PDM Consultation Training

Staff members who execute consultations will be trained by your local PDM to convert miraDry consultations into bookings.  In 3 working sessions, your PDM will train your miraDry Team Leaders (MTL) on:

  • how to conduct optimal consultations

  • how to message miraDry’s benefits

  • how to master converting consultations into bookings


Prospective miraDry patients are already in your office. Capture their interest with miraDry marketing materials throughout your office.

Prospective miraDry patients are already in your practice database

Internal marketing is intended to motivate patients in your existing practice database to ask about the procedure.  Your local miraDry Practice Development Manager (PDM) has proven tools and strategies to convert these prospective patients into booked treatments.

miraDry Internal Marketing support includes:

  1. PDM consultation to define your practice’s business goals and develop a business plan to achieve those goals

  2. Full array of in-office marketing collateral including patient brochures, posters, banners, and counter cards

  3. Regular and special holiday eBlasts for you to send to patients

  4. Patient event scheduling and marketing support e.g. freshEvents, VIP Events, Consultation Days

All miraDry practice development support is continuous and ongoing to help grow your practice.


In 2018, miraDry practices will be able to access a website for marketing assets. Your local PDM will be available to help you leverage these assets to grow your miraDry practice.

Expand your miraDry Practice with New Patients

In the U.S., an estimated 37.3 million consumers are bothered by sweat and 15 million consumers are interested in a miraDry treatment.

Once you have mastered tracks one through four, it is advantageous to execute external marketing to capture new patients and expand your miraDry practice.

Your local miraDry Practice Development Manager (PDM) will support you with:

  1. Website Best Practices

    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Adding miraDry content, including messaging, testimonials and images
  2. Search Marketing Strategies (e.g. Google AdWords)

  3. Social Media Plans

  4. Co-Op Advertising

  5. Local PR Plan