The Most Effective Energy Delivery

In the axilla, eccrine and apocrine glands (the glands responsible for sweat and odor) and hair follicles are found in high density and varied depth at the dermal-fat interface.  Temperatures in excess of 60°C are required to achieve significant and permanent destruction of the glands. miraDry’s patented miraWave™ technology consistently delivers thermal energy to the dermal-fat interface, allowing precise heating for the permanent destruction of glands.

miraWave technology delivers 5.8 GHz thermal energy. The microwave energy is reflected at the dermal-fat interface and becomes concentrated, creating a focal energy zone.

  • Nearly all sweat and odor glands reside at the dermal-fat interface.
  • Focused heating is independent of skin thickness, hair color, or skin color.

Continuous hydroceramic cooling delivered via miraDry’s patented bioTipsTM protects the dermis while heat continues to spread down into the region where the sweat and odor glands and hair follicles reside.

  • Sweat, odor glands, and hair follicles are destroyed in the heat zone.

With miraWave technology, miraDry delivers immediate results in as little as one treatment.