Products and Procedures

miraDry, Inc. proprietary miraWave™ technology utilizes microwave energy to precisely deliver energy to target areas.  The use of microwave energy has been long established in various fields of medicine from oncology to urology; however, miraDry, Inc. is the first to harness this energy for use in applications in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery.

Everyone Sweats

Ask your patients whether they applied antiperspirant and deodorant today and the likely answer will be yes for nearly all of the people you survey. Nearly everyone sweats, but now there is an easy, non-invasive solution to treat those who don’t want to. miraDry provides greater efficacy than any antiperspirant, longer lasting results than toxins, and significantly less risk than surgery.

Excessive Sweat

For over 37 million people in the U.S., excessive underarm sweating or “axillary” hyperhidrosis” is a daily struggle that can interfere with nearly every aspect of life. Whether it’s anxiety at work, embarrassment in relationships and social settings, or frustration over constantly ruining clothing, hyperhidrosis can have devastating effects on a person’s emotional well-being and self-image. Previously, these people suffered in silence and an estimated 28 million people in the U.S. are unaware of any medical solutions. However, with the introduction of miraDry these patients are now seeking treatment, bringing in new patients to your practice.

Proven Efficacy for Underarm Hair Reduction

Hair removal continues to be the #1 most requested energy based aesthetic treatment. However, unlike laser hair removal systems, miraDry’s thermal energy doesn’t require a chromophore to be effective and therefore can be used on hair of all colors, including light colored hair, and is not limited by an individual’s skin color.

  • Removes light and white color hair
  • Average of 70% reduction
12 Months Post Last Treatment